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Final show at Durty Nellie's....on video!

A video covering nearly the entire 2Ĺ hr. final performance on August 3, 2002 is available on VHS tape.  Filmed in documentary-style black & white, this tape captured the show in un-cut, un-edited detail....all the intensity is there, the crowd responses, the fun....as well as the flubs, the string breaks, the sweat, the champagne fountain, and much more.  While the sound quality of the recording varies (it was a blend of the stage monitors and the main house speakers), the video is consistently of very good quality.  Below is the complete set list from the show.

Set One
Cow *
I Canít Wait
What I Got (Sublime)
Smile *
Summer Girl *
LWKUT (Captain & Tenille)
Insecurity *
Lit Up (Buck Cherry)
Need You Around (Smoking Popes)
Dick *
Days of the Phoenix (AFI)
Aurora *
The Breakup *
By the Way (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
+ Whiner *
Sober (Tool)
Sugar *
Pill Popper *
Nacho Girl *
- Siamese *
Set Two
Dammit (Blink 182)
Everything *
Creep (Radiohead)
Stop (Jane's Addiction)
Down Together *
Got You Where I Want You (The Flys)
Dyslexia *
Trying to Stop *
Flagpole Sitta (Harvey Danger)
Simone *
Prisoner of Society (The Living End)
Hashpipe (Weezer)
Woe is Me *
Rush (Big Audio Dynamite II)
Story of Love *
Sweetness (Jimmy Eat World)

Killing in the Name (Rage Against the Machine)
- 1 Hit *
- Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love (Van Halen)
* = Garbo Swag original
+ = available exclusively on this tape!
- = not caught on tape

All tapes are dubbed from the master recording, and are available for $20 (shipping & handling included).  To order your copy, contact Manchur Video at Manchurvideo@ameritech.net.

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