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Leo Post Leo Post

Role: Lead Guitar

DOB: March 23

Place of Birth: Cleveland Rocks, Ohio!

Gear List: For the recording of Take One, I used all of the following at one point or another:
'97 Hamer Daytona (a.k.a. "The Strat that's better than most real Strats"); '92 Hamer FM Special (a.k.a. "Flat Top"); '98 Hamer 12-String Eclipse (a.k.a. "The 12-String"); Ramirez R2 Classical; Dr. Z Prescription Head; Marshall 4x12 cab (owned by the studio); Line 6 Flextone amp; Fulltone Fulldrive II; Ibanez TS-9; Prescription Electronics Experience pedal; Vox wah; Boss Octave and CE2 Chorus pedals; ADA re-issue Flanger; Chandler Digital ECHO...Echo...echo...
Live I use all of the above except with a Marshall 4x10 cab that's a lot easier to tote around than a 4x12

Interesting Facts
  • Favorite ice cream: During the McCarthy years, I was under suspicion as a communist because I said I didn't like ice cream, but nowadays I say "Give me chocolate or give me death"

  • When not playing guitar, I can typically be found: playing the guitar

  • If I could be any cartoon character, I would definitely be: Speed Racer - or maybe Snoopy, but in real life I'm more of a Charlie Brown

  • What has been getting regular rotation in my CD player lately: Iguanas, Moby - Play, Stokowski orchestral arrangements of Bach instrumental pieces, RHCP - Californication, SRV, Del Amitri

  • Desert Island Album: Are You Experienced?

  • Favorite Restaurant: Impossible to pick one, but I love Wishbone, and you can't go wrong with a sack of White Castles

  • The single biggest influence that shaped my guitar playing: Almost everything I know about playing guitar I learned jamming Rush tunes in my friend Scott Karch's basement

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