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Sight For Sore Eyes Sight For Sore Eyes
Original release date: Sep. 29, 2001

Garbo Swag's songwriting skills really came a long way with this album.  It's a showcase of the band's diverse musical influences, which resulted in an eclectic, fresh, and exciting brand of music.
Take One Take One
Original release date: Dec. 9, 1999

This is the first full-length album from Garbo Swag, and is also the first recording from the band featuring Leo Post on lead guitar.
Medium Rare Medium Rare
Original release date: Dec. 25, 2006

Medium Rare is a compilation of songs from old EPs, album bonus tracks, and demos spanning the Garbo Swag/Stone Diam 1995-2002 recording history.
We Can Live Off Grass We Can Live Off Grass
Original release date: Dec. 1, 1996

The album from the predecessor of Garbo Swag, Stone Diam.  We Can Live Off Grass was the band's first full-length recording, and it was well-received by fans of grunge and hard rock.

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