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December 29, 2000
A new radio station is now available for the world to enjoy on the Internet - if you wanna hear Garbo Swag and Stone Diam, try out Live365.com.  Search the site for "Garbo Swag", and select "Garbo Swag and more."  The station is streaming the Stone Diam We Can Live Off Grass album, the Garbo Swag E.P., and the Garbo Swag Take One album - a random mix of the three in a continuous broadcast 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!  The DJ also plans to add some other music into the mix - possibly from band(s) the boys of Garbo Swag previously belonged to, and/or some of our favorite influences that aren't already played on a frequent commercial radio rotation.
Please note that the broadcast is in mono due to technical limitations, so the sound quality isn't exactly perfect.   To listen in, you will need a PC with a sound card and speakers, and a fast Internet connection (cable, DSL, T1, etc.).

December 19, 2000
It's official - Garbo Swag is the headlining entertainment for the Saturday night at the biggest, wildest, coolest ski trip/winter bash ever!  That may sound bold, but everybody that has been on the annual Ski Like You Drive trip will surely agree.  If you like to ski, or even if you don't but just want to leave your cares behind and party hard with Garbo Swag and 1400 friends, make your reservation now!  The event takes place the weekend of February 2-4 in the Wisconsin Dells area.  Visit the Invitation page for the 2001 trip details.

November 17, 2000
We just got word that a Garbo Swag song has been selected as one of the features on a compilation CD being released by Music4Free.com.  Jump to their site from our Links page!  We'll provide further information as we get it ourselves.

November 8, 2000
Another new feature has been added to our site - you can now subscribe to our mailing list by filling out a simple form.  Click on the mailbox icon at the bottom of the menu to sign up if you aren't already aboard!

October 31, 2000
Two tidbits....

  • Garbo Swag t-shirts are now available at all shows!  These stylish goodies come in S, M, L, and XL for a mere $8!  Get yourself one while they last!
  • FOX Chicago is running a "Chicago's Best & Worst" poll, and one of their numerous categories for consideration is Best Local Band.  Should you be interested in voting for us or for anything else on their poll (heck, it even has Worst Smelling Spot in the City), go to the link above and fill out whatever parts of the form interest you.

October 4, 2000
Lots of stuff going on since our break -

  • Show Venue Changes
    There have been some problems with Best Buy on the Ernie Ball/Best Buy Local Heroes Tour, so we have been told that Guitar Center is taking over for Best Buy.  Our shows are now at the Guitar Centers in Arlington Heights and Villa Park.  Visit our Shows page for all the details.
  • CD Giveaway
    Free 3-song sampler CDs from Take One were given out at the recent Fuel show at House of Blues.  If you received a copy that also included a clear blank disc, you can bring it to any of our shows to redeem a free copy of the full album.
  • iCast
    Vote for us on iCast (http://www.icast.com), and we may have a shot at playing with STP, 311, Cyprus Hill, and more at the Voodoo Music Festival in New Orleans (http://www.voodoomusicfest.com)!  First, become a member at iCast (just fill out a little form found on the main page, takes about one minute), then go directly to http://www.icast.com/member/garboswag.  Finally, login to rate Garbo Swag - we need all the 5's we can get - please help if you can!

August 31, 2000
If you get a chance, be sure to check out the review of Take One in the Illinois Entertainer (September, 2000).  We were included in the Spins column - as opposed to the Around Hear column - so we were actually rated right along side some of the big boys.  Overall there were some very nice comments, and we ended up scoring above Duran Duran as well as several other major label bands!  Read the review on-line if you don't have a chance to see the print version.

August 16, 2000
Okay, this is way overdue....Take One is finally available in stores - click here to find out more.

August 4, 2000
Well our most recent return to Duke O'Brien's sure took an interesting twist -
Shortly after starting our second set for the evening, a big ol' tour bus pulled up to the bar, and who steps out?  None other than world champion skater Tony Hawk and his skating crew.  They had just finished the last leg of a tour in neighboring Woodstock, and they came in to Duke's for a few beers and some fun.  Not surprisingly, those skaters are a wild bunch!  Tony and his gang soon had the bar packed, and they all joined in for some moshpit mania right in front of (and on) our stage!  Tony was signing autographs afterwards for the fans (ours and his).  Where are the cameras when ya need 'em?

June 30, 2000
By popular request, lyrics to our unreleased crowd favorite, Pill Popper, are now available.   Enjoy!

June 29, 2000
We just got word that we'll be doing a special show at The Cubby Bear in October - we are one of four bands featured at the CAM JAM.  Check out this link out for further details.

June 18, 2000
Some new radio play happenin' for us on WONC 89.1 FM's Local Chaos program.  A few phone calls to the station from our fans can result in garbo swag making their regular rotation!  Don't be shy about calling them up - (630) 637-9662.

June 11, 2000
JVO played us again on the Q101 Local Music Showcase!  Woe Is Me was his song of choice both times he's featured us.  Maybe it'll unexpectedly be our big hit?!

June 7, 2000
The band profiles were finally completed (Meet the Cast).  New menu buttons were also added - hope everybody likes 'em!

May 18, 2000
New features added to the site!  Check out the Links and Message Board pages!

April 2, 2000
Well it finally happened -
Garbo Swag was one of the featured bands on Q101's Local Music Showcase.  James Van Osdol selected Woe Is Me from the Take One album. If you didn't get to tune in....well maybe next time, right?

March, 2000
We've been expanding our Web presence -

  • You can now look us up on MP3.com and download a couple tunes from Take One.  We may put additional tunes out there, so be sure to check it out.
  • We are now also found at the Farmclub - http://www.farmclub.com.  Look in the Digital Jukebox, and search for us under the letter 'g'.  Even if you don't download one of our tunes, BE SURE TO VOTE FOR US!  The bands with the most votes will appear on a music TV show on USA Network on Monday nights.  This could be our big break, so show us your support!

January, 2000
Let's see - I guess we have three stories to tell.  First, for those who haven't already purchased a copy - the new Take One album is on sale now!  Get your copy today!  Secondly, for those that haven't made it to a show in a while - come on out soon!  We may have some surprises for you on stage.  And finally, for those that were worried about that whole Y2K thing - our site turned out to be compliant, so all of the functions that were available on the site in the last millennium are still available today.  Good luck returning your bottled water!

November, 1999
Just two items to report as the month comes to an end:

  • As you have probably guessed, the new album is still not yet available.  Believe us when we say that nobody is more anxious to have the final product than us.  If the production process goes as expected, we should have copies for sale by the middle of December - just in time to make a great stocking stuffer!
  • As you can see, the old Website for Garbo Swag has been retired, and here we are with an updated layout at our own domain.  We hope you enjoy your visit.  Please stop back again real soon!

October, 1999
Well a news update is well overdue!  Lots of stuff has been goin' on since the last posting.  Here's some highlights:

  • Things have gone pretty well at the Chicago North Beach.  We'll most likely continue playing there every 6-8 weeks.  We're also branching out to their Hoffman Estates location for a show in November.
  • A new album is on its way!  As of the start of October, the recording is all complete.  We hope to send our final product out for manufacturing by the end of the month.  Our original plan was to have an album out by the end of September, but we didn't want to sacrifice quality just for the sake of an early release.  Our current expectation is a release in November.
  • Our Web site is under renovation!  An updated design will be presented at our new URL in the next few weeks.  Keep an eye out for www.garboswag.com!

May, 1999
Our friends at North Beach have taken a big interest in our band - we may become the official house band for their bar at North Ave. and Sheffield! We already have dates booked there in May and June, and it looks like it could become our first regular gig.

April, 1999
After a break from the scene to settle into our new rehearsal room, we are having a great return this spring. In addition to the shows we've lined up for April and May, we have a live radio appearence on Friday, April 16. We will be featured on WXAV 88.3 FM around 7:30pm. Joe T. invited us out for an interview and a little unplugged set. The station broadcasts from the south side of Chicago, so if you live on the south side of the city or surrounding suburbs, try tuning in!

By the way - those t-shirts we ordered didn't really turn out like they were supposed to, so we aren't selling them. We'll be printing new ones to support our new album (to be recorded and released later this year).

December, 1998
The Garbo Swag E.P. was sent to 22 college radio stations - so call one up and request one of our tunes!  A complete station listing can be found on the Radio Radio link.

Attention Southsiders! Our Garbo Swag CD is now on sale at the Discount Records in Frankfort (Rte. 30 and LaGrange Road) and in Homewood (Halsted and Ridge Road). And as always, the CD will also be available at all of our shows.

The inside scoop: After 4 yrs. of jamming in a run-down building at Ashland & Milwaukee, we are finally moving to a better rehearsal studio - complete with heat and running water! While the move is very exciting for us, you can imagine how sad it will be to leave behind our Fidel Castro-meets-Adolf Hitler slumlord.

Garbo Swag t-shirts have been ordered - more info. on that coming soon.....

November, 1998
We had our BIG SHOW at Thurston's on Thanksgiving Eve!
A was fun playing with Strain Busy Sky and Big Daddy Roaches....
We look forward to playing with these bands in the future

October, 1998
We made it all the way to the Chicago region finals and ended as a runner-up in the Entertainment Weekly Battle of the Bands sponsored by Hyundai!
Thanks to all that voted for us - we couldn't have done it without you!

September, 1998
We are filming a video for "Love?"
So keep an out eye for it this winter on local video programs!

August, 1998
The Garbo Swag E.P. was sent to 40 commercial radio stations - so call one up and request one of our tunes!  A complete station listing can be found on the Radio Radio link.

Historical Milestones

June 27, 1998
Garbo Swag plays their first gig in the new lineup at the Beat Kitchen.

April-May, 1998
Leo dazzles the rest of the band by learning all of the existing material, while adding in his own stylistic twists and improvements to the songs. Garbo Swag is finally ready for prime time!

March 7, 1998
After another 21 lead guitar player auditions, Jeff, Dave, and Paul invite Leo Post to join Garbo Swag.

December 31, 1997
After several years of gigs around Chicago, Yukon Cornelius played their last show. Guitarist Leo Post decided to make his next project a band focused on original material.

December, 1997
After just a few months with the band, Nick Bolton moved back to his homeland in Arizona. In his short time with the band, he played only 3 shows and recorded the leads on the Garbo Swag EP.

November, 1997
The band recorded its 5-song EP at Atlas, Chicago. The decision was officially made to change the band name to Garbo Swag as the players had changed and the cover material was being dropped for the original-material focus.

August 5, 1997
After 23 lead guitar player auditions, Jeff, Dave, and Paul invite Nick Bolton to join the band as they reformulate to be an all-original act.

June, 1997
After almost three years of playing with Stone Diam, guitarist John Majerowski decided it was time to move on.
Some of Stone Diam's biggest accomplishments include:

  • 64 live performances (for most of which, Stone Diam was the headlining act)
  • 2 3-song demo tapes
  • a full-length album released on CD
  • a one-hour live radio performance on the KAT 105.5/FM


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