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Glass Eye, Toledo, OH
October 2002

I had a hard time putting a finger on this band and album.  They sound like someone, but they really don’t.  Most of the time, they remind me of a vocal-enhanced Green Day, though they aren’t really ‘power-pop’ (but they have a fast pop-like style). Moreover, their songs are ‘punk’ fast, but lack punk-rock’s archetypal lyrics and anger.  All I know is that after listening to their CD a couple of times, I was hooked and humming along to every song.

Garbo Swag is the most infective group I’ve heard in some time.  Their songs are fast, and they change tempos, provide clever riffs, and offer good lyrics - they’re just damn enjoyable!  And there aren’t any filler songs included either -- all twelve songs hold together well and power the album ultra-repeat-listening territory.  I can’t believe these guys aren’t blaring on ‘Top-Ten’ radio-stations owned by Clear Channel!

But I still can’t really tell you who they sound like...maybe that’s a good thing?
    - Ed Shimborske Jr.

August, 2002

Illinois Entertainer
May 2002
Around Here

Garbo Swag bolts from the starting gate with a trio of frenetic pop songs on its full-length Sight For Sore Eyes CD.  "Smile" in particular could have been torn from The Ramones' song book.  The album settles down from there, although Leo Post's guitar remains a consistent force.  "Nobody New" is light and melodic while "Summer Girl" finds lead singer David Burgos successfully experimenting with rap.  The more intricate, well crafted pop of "Everything" stands out as the album's most impressive track.  (Contact: garboswag.com)
    - Terrence Flamm

Toledo City Paper
April 4-10, 2002

DynamicRock.com Interview
January, 2002

Indie Reviews SW
January 2002

“Terrific songwriting and an enjoyable listen all the way through.  No filler to be had on Sight For Sore Eyes.”
    - Laurie Romano

Pioneer Press
May 10 & 31, 2001

Illinois Entertainer
September 2000


“Melodic four-piece who excel at catchy, feedback-laden pop music with a variety of changing tempos and harmonies that recall Billy Joe from Green Day after a few years of voice lessons.”
    - John Pruett


“The songs themselves hold together…and the lyrics are uniformly strong.  Ace craftsmanship!”
    - John Worley

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