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Let's Get These Guys Killed Tour 2002

Disclaimer: The content found within the "Tour Diary" pages of this site may be deemed to be exceptionally boring.  This section is intended for only the most dedicated fans and for people that need help falling asleep.  Its reason for existence is primarily a catharsis for the author.

After playing dozens upon dozens of shows in Chicago and its suburbs, we've finally decided to embark on some dates beyond the Illinois state line.  These mini-tour weekends have been booked and promoted via Little King Productions.  In addition to the bookings, we are getting some radio play and press reviews in the cities we are visiting.

As was expected, we have generally found that the road is not always glamorous.  Since our loyal Chicago area fans cannot join us for most of these weekends, we thought it would be fun to document it all right here so you can see exactly what you are missing.

We gave our tour its offical name on our third weekend away, when we noticed the distinct pattern of finding ourselves in the seediest neighborhoods within the cities we tour.  Read on for details....

- Jeff

Lafayette, IN and Cincinnati, OH
March 8-10, 2002

Youngstown and Toledo, OH
April 5-6, 2002

Milwaukee, WI
April 19, 2002

Detroit, MI and Bloomington, IN
May 10-11, 2002

Urbana, IL and Chicago, IL
May 24-25, 2002

The rest of the tour....
June, 2002

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