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Let's Get These Guys Killed Tour 2002

March 8, 2002
Tazzma's Rock-O-Rama
Lafayette, IN

Dear Diary,

    Here we are, finally a new city to play.  An all-ages show, which we've had trouble getting back at home.  We definitely need more exposure to the under-21 crowd.  Dave got me a little excited about this venue because he saw that Duvall played here the week before us.  Seeing as they are comprised of former members of the Smoking Popes, we are expecting this to be pretty cool.

    So we came through the Purdue campus and got a little lost finding the place.   I don't believe I ever did see a sign that denoted the name, and the directions from the Internet were lousy.  They didn't serve alcohol, but thankfully Pauly brought a case of MGD to share.  The original deal was that a local band was going to play with us to help draw up some kind of crowd.   But when we got there, we were told that their singer was in an accident or something, so they cancelled at the last minute.  And then we also got word that Purdue went on spring break that day, so the entire town was sort of clearing out for a week.  But we are professionals, right?  The show must go on....

    A punk band from Michigan played before us - to an empty room beyond the soundman and the club owners.   We were up next, and a few new patrons and the third band got to witness our set.  We didn't bother changing our clothes from the drive, but it felt comfortable to just play in jeans and t-shirts.   Maybe we'll get back to the casual image we had in our previous lives.  We rocked hard, and it was fun to debut our newly finished song, "Story of Love."  Our buddy Long "C" came all the way out there to help us out and to hang out with us after the show.  He also took a bunch of photos of us playing, so check them out in the Photo Album.

    After our set, the third band came on.  They were an interesting mix of rock and blues, and we actually have some video (2.65 MB) I shot of those guys from the upper level.  We opted to leave the club around midnight to grab a burrito and catch a few cocktails with the folks that remained for the night at the Purdue campus bars.  We all got pretty hammered, and then we crashed at our motel.

- Jeff

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