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Let's Get These Guys Killed Tour 2002

April 5, 2002
Youngstown, OH

Dear Diary,

    This entry will be a brief one.  Our gig at Cedars was pretty cool.   We all left work early, and it took a little under 7 hours to get to Youngstown from Chicago.  Like last trip, Dave rode with Paul, and Layo and I rode together.  We grabbed a bite at a weird rest stop in the middle of Nowhere, OH.  They had a Burger King, a Max & Erma's, and another couple of choices, and we went with this joint that only made sausage sandwiches.  The name slips my mind, but it was something like Sally's Sausage Emporium?!  A spicy, greasy quick bite for us.  Probably a miracle that neither of us got sick.

    We got to Youngstown around 8pm, and of course had bad directions from the Internet again.   We were driving all around in some industrial area and saw no signs of bars or restaurants.   We eventually found the club, and actually had a lot of time to kill after loading in our gear.  Cedars has a great little restaurant with it, so we chowed down another meal and then checked into our hotel.  

    There was supposed to be a band before us, but they had some changes in their lineup or something like that, so the club instead had a group of guys play that had just recently started jamming together.   They didn't do much to promote the show, so the crowd wasn't too big.  We also had a cool little plug for our gig on YoungstownScene.com, as well as a brief listing with our photo in a local paper, but that didn't really bring in the masses.  We played hard and I really think the folks there dug our stuff, so it felt like a pretty successful show.  A third band followed us, and we hung out for their set and sold a bunch of CDs to the kind folks that watched our performance.  Not a bad night.

- Jeff

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