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Let's Get These Guys Killed Tour 2002

April 19, 2002
Milwaukee, WI

Dear Diary,

    Ah, Milwaukee.  Mil-u-wau-kay.  Is that how they said it in Wayne's World?  We were supposed to have a show for the following night in Madison, but the contact we had out there turned out to be a real Jag.  So we will hopefully get out to Madison another time, and made the best out of our Friday night gig in Wisco.  We all drove separately since it is only about 75 miles from home.

    Little King hooked us up with a radio interview at Marquette University, so Dave, Pauly, and I met at the station.  Layo couldn't get off work early, so he ended up meeting us at the bar later that evening.  We were interviewed by the station's Music Director, Liz, and she was very cool.  She played 3 tunes from our latest CD, and chatted with us in between songs for about 15 minutes.  Here we are with Liz at WMUR....

Marquette Radio

    After the radio show, we grabbed a bite at Hooters.  Dave found a copy of the local paper, The Shepherd Express, and they had a listing for our show at Quarters.  At least, I think it was our show - they had us down as "Garbosleg"....huh?  That may be the worst spelling of our name I've ever seen.

    Dave next took us to one of the coolest bars around, The Safehouse.  It has a spy theme to it, and is really hidden from the main streets.  You even need a password to get in.   So we knocked back a few drinks and chilled for a bit.  Our waitress took this picture of us....
The Safehouse

    All of the locals we encountered sounded a little concerned for our safety when we told them where we were playing.  "Where?  Down on Center St.?  Ooh, that's a bad neighborhood, dude."  We bravely (foolishly?) drove through the ghetto and found our home for the evening.
Quarters Sign

    We got there at 8:30pm, and there was nobody around as far as we could see.   We waited and waited, and then a bartender finally showed up a little after 9pm to let us in.  I guess they just get things rolling a little later in Milwaukee.  This drunk guy was just bellowing out the most unintelligible gibberish the whole time we were setting up our gear.  It was a little funny, but really started to get on my nerves.  Pauly joined him for an Obnoxious Contest.
Quarters drunk

    The place actually filled up with a decent crowd - though it wasn't the biggest venue in town.  We followed a female solo artist named Rose Blade, and Layo and Pauly caught a little rest as they waited for our set....
Resting at Quarters

    Dave actually drew out a bunch of Wisco friends to see our show, which was very cool.  We did a 1-hr. power set, and then I hung out to catch the local headliner - Vega$.

    They finished up, and I was the last of our band to head on home.  Traffic is light at 2am, so I made it back in just over an hour.

- Jeff

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