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Let's Get These Guys Killed Tour 2002

May 24, 2002
Iron Post
Urbana, IL  (U of I)

Dear Diary,

    After a break from the diary with Long C filling in, I'm back.  This weekend was a bit different from the other "tour" weekends - we had only one of the two nights on the road, and each of the bandmates made the reasonably short trip out to U of I in their own vehicles.  I brought my buddy Mark Danger from The Rosedales with me for some fun, Long C drove with Dave, and Layo brought Michelle - our first female guest on the road.  They very understably opted to get their own hotel room to avoid the noise and stench produced by the rest of us.

    This night was a good one, although not extremely eventful.  We had a band play before us and after us, and each had some local draw.  The Iron Post was a nice little hangout bar with a small stage.  The first band up, Dead Weight & The Lost Cause, fit on the stage nicely.   They were only two guys - a drummer and a guitar player that traded on lead vocals.  Sort of a cross between Local H and early Nirvana.  Here's a pic -

Dead Weight & The Lost Cause

    We were up next, and I thought we had a pretty good response from the crowd that was there.   And it was sort of a crowd in that little place - I was told they had over 60 come through the door for the night, which wasn't too bad.  Here we are, doin' our thang -

Iron Post live

    After our show, the last band came on.  Solips was sort of an emo-punk band, exactly what Long C said to expect from the "U of I" scene, sort of Hum-influenced from what we could tell.   They put on a real good show.  While they played, we slammed beers and made conversation with the bartenders.  It turned out that one of them is actually the manager of a couple of professional wrestlers at PCW.  Here's a picture of a few of us with Miss Jillian -

Garbo Swag meets Miss Jillian

    A lot of our hangin' out time was spent listening to Paul and Mark quoting just about every line from the recent Jay and Silent Bob movie.  Now I haven't seen it yet, but according to these guys, it must be the funniest movie of all time.  Too bad I already know just about the entire dialog.   Here they go...."shmokin' weed, doin' coke, drinkin' beer"....blah, blah, blah -

Hangin' at The Iron Post

    We bailed outta there after getting paid, and then headed over to Long C's brother's apartment.  His bro is a student at U of I, and he shares a pretty sweet pad with 3 other guys - all of which (including his bro) were gone for summer break.  So Dave, Paul, Long C, Mark, and I continued our party there.  Dave was hooked on their X-Box, and Paul fell in love with Mark as he played 80s metal DJ.  Long C served up a variety of greasy frozen treats from his brother's fridge, and then we ordered the tastiest Jimmy John's subs ever.  We crashed out sometime around 4:00am, and it was back to Chicago early the next morning.

- Jeff

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