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Let's Get These Guys Killed Tour 2002

July 17, 2002

Dear Diary,

    June was a busy month, and a lot has come up with the band since I last wrote.  This final chapter in the Tour Diary is going to be a conglomeration of the experiences we had in June - or at least as much as I can pull together from my fuzzy memory.

June 13, 2002
Rolling Rock Road to Town Fair Contest
Hard Rock Cafe
Chicago, IL

    No, this wasn't technically part of the "tour" - another show in our hometown.  However, I just thought I'd let everybody know that we appreciate the support we got from the fans that came out to cheer us on.  The roughly ten or so of you folks that made it are really great.  Too bad we got our arses whipped by Milk Plow, who managed to pull out over 100 of their fans.  I think they actually went on to win the whole competition anyway.  Here's a couple of pics.  The first one is Chris Payne from Q101 introducing us.  Dave reminded him that we were coincidentally his favorite band.

Hard Rock Cafe #1

Hard Rock Cafe #2

June 15, 2002
The Reverb
Cedar Falls, IA

    This was a pretty cool place.  They had an early all-ages show, followed by an 18-and-over late show.  We were the first of 3 bands on for that one, and even though the crowd was kind of small, we had a great set.  Sound, lights, stage were all ideal.  I just wish I had some pictures to help capture it all for you and to jog my memory of any other interesting things to tell.  But I don't.

June 21, 2002
MOBFest Showcase
Burbank, IL

    Again, a local show I figured I'd mention just because it was supposed to be special.  We expected a big turnout for this "showcase" - A&R reps were supposed to be present at these MOBFest shows, but there were certainly none to be found at ours.  I guess it's a good thing, because we had a lame draw that night, as did the band that followed us.  It didn't help that the band that was originally scheduled to follow us cancelled their performance at the last minute and didn't even bother contacting the club to tell them.  I heard talk of their singer quitting and somebody else having a car accident, but I don't know the real story.  And they were supposed to be the band that drew the biggest crowd out of the 3 on the bill.   Just par for the course, right?

- Jeff

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